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For further information, please contact:
Robert Chiu, Marketing Manager
Tel: (310) 241-7988
Fax: (310) 241-7980
Email: rchiu@generaltransworld.com
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Contact Information

General Transworld Corp.
24412 S. Main St. Suite 106
Carson, CA 90745

Tel: (310)241-7988

  • We are here for you

    We distribute more than 10,000 different aircraft parts, which are produced by more than 100 suppliers. The parts range from avionics, ground equipment, chemicals, raw materials, airframes and engine parts, both rotary and expendable, new and repaired.  We also help airlines send their parts for warranties, repairs, and modifications.

    In addition to distributing physical products, we also specialize in solving technical, service, and logistics problems between the end-users and manufacturers or repair shops.

    Our services

    • Global sales staff with in-depth product knowledge and personalized services
    • E-commerce solution for quotation, ordering and tracking
    • A carefully selected product base
      -Parts conditions specified with accountable traceability and 75% shelf-life guarantee on life or time sensitive parts.
    • ASA-100 Accredited Quality Assurance System with complete parts tractability
    • Integrated Purchasing Program
      - a flexible supply chain management solution

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