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Regardless ofwhat your demands  are, Our reliable and proven supply chain solutions can help you increase your sales and reduce your overall operational costs. We welcome you to join us.
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General Transworld Corp.
24412 S. Main St. Suite 106
Carson, CA 90745

Tel: (310)241-7988

General Transworld Corp. is the China market representative of the following manufacturers:
  • Avibank Mfg., Inc.    (84256)    (Datasheet : 90 MB)
    • the world's leading manufacturers specializing in the design and production of sophisticated fasteners and multi-component fastening systems and devices.
  • Bill Thomas Associates    (0E3F8)
    • Protective Packaging for components
  • Hawker Pacific, Inc.   (99473)
    • Repair, Overhaul and Exchange Services for Landing Gears, 
      Hydromechanical units & Tire,  Wheel & Brakes
    • Dunlop Aviation   (K1037, K1406)
  • Co-Operative Industries.  (81482)
    • Manufacturer of electrical wiring cables and interconnectsdevices.

  • Rogerson Aircraft Corp.   (8Y056)
    • Vacuum Lavatories (04192)
    • Fuel   (31280)
    • Pressure Instruments (34830)
    • Pneumatics (04195)
  • Sierracin/Sylmar   (12035)
    • Manufacture and repair composite windshields, windows and canopies that  meet all requirements for high performance aircraft.
  • W. L. Gore Associates    (17217)
    • Skyflex Aircraft Sealant

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